InteAct by StepAhead, is an interactive mobile and web based employee engagement survey,
designed to analyze and map communication dynamics withinthe organization and identify key

personnel, such as: connectors,internal champions, bottlenecks,
bypass managers and more.

The survey

is intuitive to all users and requires no longer than 4 minutes to complete. The collective feedback is cross-analyzed with big data pools and proprietary algorithms based on reliable academic research and industry benchmarks.

Detailed reports

regarding your internal networks are coupled with our teams’ ongoing guidance and support so you can implement processes of change that drive efficient collaboration.

The survey metrics provide in the following domains:

Overcome Bureaucratic roadblocks

minimizes bureaucratic challenges common in the organization's hierarchy structure by identifying bottlenecks and applying direct communication channels between decision makers to front-line personnel that.


Explore the different dimensions of your organization. Drill down to view employee engagement or explore the dynamics and synergy across teams and departments

Network Performance

Build a network that supports the flow of information and direct communication. Maximize employee potential, based on universal feedback on employee accomplishments and collective performance.

KPI Monitoring

Define critical criteria for your organization performance. Monitor, analyze and compare metrics based on industry benchmarks and KPI’s

All it takes up to a mobile phone, tablet or desktop