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The Challenge

As organizations become larger, with multiple sites and locations across the globe, and the need to engage and collaborate with internal and external personnel increases, organizations are facing the many challenges caused by communication overload. The overall performance of the organization is directly affected, resulting in reduced productivity and inefficient work-time balance as employees are left with limited time-capacity to process communicated information and act upon it.

StepAhead’s Solution

Based on big data analytics and ONA (Organizational Network Analytics) methods, StepAhead offers an effective platform that analyzes communication patterns, collaboration dynamics and bureaucracy roadblocks, reflecting time waste caused by communication overload.

Through the visualization of data and real-time analytics, StepAhead maps employee engagement dynamics, allowing executives and managers to make data-driven decisions to promote productive workflow between departments and teams.

The Key to Productivity

Indicate how employees use communication
channels, from digital to face-to-face
communication, providing actionable insights that
increase organizations productivity.

Overcome Bureaucratic Roadblocks

Detect bureaucratic challenges and identifies communication bottlenecks. provides actionable
insights which promote direct communication channels between decision makers to front-line personnel.

Build Your Network

Establish internal collaborations that drive success
within the organization by highlighting key positions
and personnel that contribute to the flow of
information and direct communication.

Work-time Optimization Simulator

Reach optimal workload balance by reviewing time
spend across the organization. define time allocation
for work, meetings and communication to reach your
organizations goals and objectives.

The Product

StepAheads’ Human Capital Communication Analytics (HCCA) Platform incorporates big data pools, unique algorithms, advanced academic research and a privacy sensitive sensor, which gives clear insights of how to reduce time waste and promote professional synergy.