It's Time You Know

Communication & Collaboration in the modern workforce are the key to productivity and long term business success.

Through the visualization of data and real-time analytics, StepAhead maps employee engagement dynamics, allowing executives and managers to make data-driven decisions to promote productive workflow between departments and teams.

System Applications

E-communication: Identify email overload, usage trends and workflow bottlenecks.
Meetings: recognize redundant meeting time and attendee overload.
inner-team Dynamics: map employee interaction within teams and departments.

Intra team Dynamics: map collaboration practices between teams and departments.
Work-time Balance: define time allocation for work, meetings and communication.


Industry Leading Time Optimization Tool

The Key to

indicate how employees use communication channels, from digital to face-to-face communication, providing actionable insights that increase organizations productivity.

Build Your

Establish internal collaborations that drive success within the organization by highlighting key positions and personnel that contribute to the flow of information and direct communication.

Overcome Bureaucratic

Detect bureaucratic challenges and identifies communication bottlenecks. provides actionable insights which promote direct communication channels between decision makers to front-line personnel.

Work-time Optimization

Reach optimal workload balance by reviewing time spend across the organization. define time allocation for work, meetings and communication to reach your organizations goals and objectives.

Did You Know That?

emails received per day by the average employee
of emails received account for important emails
of executives state that lack of collaboration impact outcome of projects

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